Single-shot High Dynamic Range Imaging
Using Coded Electronic Shutter

Hojin Cho1 Seon Joo Kim2 Seungyong Lee1
1POSTECH 2Yonsei University

Computer Graphics Forum (Special Issue on Pacific Graphics 2014), vol 33, no 7, Oct 2014

Single exposure image Our result


Typical high dynamic range (HDR) imaging approaches based on multiple images have difficulties in handling moving objects and camera shakes, suffering from the ghosting effect and the loss of sharpness in the output HDR image. While there exist a variety of solutions for resolving such limitations, most of the existing algorithms are susceptible to complex motions, saturation, and occlusions. In this paper, we propose an HDR imaging approach using the coded electronic shutter which can capture a scene with row-wise varying exposures in a single image. Our approach enables a direct extension of the dynamic range of the captured image without using multiple images, by photometrically calibrating rows with different exposures. Due to the concurrent capture of multiple exposures, misalignments of moving objects are naturally avoided with significant reduction in the ghosting effect. To handle the issues with under-/over-exposure, noise, and blurs, we present a coherent HDR imaging process where the problems are resolved one by one at each step. Experimental results with real photographs, captured using a coded electronic shutter, demonstrate that our method produces a high quality HDR images without the ghosting and blur artifacts.

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